Seeing more of the city’s best-kept vacation secrets

Seeing more of the city’s best-kept vacation secrets

Posted by in Things to do in Sydney, Tours From Sydney | June 04, 2014

The Hidden Treasures of Sydney
Seeing more of the city’s best-kept vacation secrets

Sydney’s famed Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, and others grandeur establishments such as these, are so recognisable as Sydney’s most prominent landmarks would make any trip eventful, to say the least. Of all the cities in Australia, Sydney is arguably the most visited, meaning that its tourism industry is an important factor in its overall economy. As reported by the city’s government-sanctioned official info hub, Sydney was the destination of more than 10.5 million visitors in 2012 alone. Economy-wise, the city’s tourism industry was responsible for more than $5 billion of the total revenue.

The growing number of international travelers in the last year – spearheaded by China’s emerging upper-middle class – was reported by the UNWTO to have increased by 5%. That translates to 1.087 billion travelers, or roughly $1.5 trillion. Given all these figures above, Sydney would do well to uphold its reputation as a prime tourist attraction.

Getting More Visitors In
Other major metropolises have already been keen on the uptake. Airport parking service site Parking4less reports that London’s Heathrow is nearing the completion of its Terminal 2 expansion. And on the other side of the world, documented on Dubai’s expo, which showcased no less than 30 technological innovations projected to bring the UAE’s airports one step closer to the future.

And to keep up with the pack, Sydney is taking a cue from these cities and ramping up its airport capabilities in an effort to accommodate more inbound tourists. The NSW government has been hard at work to lift the flight curfews at Sydney Airport to get more planes in and out the city. Moreover, the long-gestating plans for a second airport in the city seems to finally be going somewhere.

Exploring More of Sydney
There is however the need to direct travelers towards more of the attractions available in Sydney aside from the more acclaimed landmarks.

One such spot is the abandoned shipwreck of the SS Ayrfield just off the coast of Sydney’s Homebush Bay. Originally a steam collier used in the 20th century, the SS Ayrfield now rests idly on the Parramatta River. The shipwreck is viewed best during sunset, when the rusty exteriors of the ship sit against the reflective orange waters of the Homebush Bay.


SS Ayrfield near Sydney’s Homebush Bay

171 miles north of Sydney, the fishing settlement of Seal Rocks prides itself of a picturesque rocky coast and virgin shore where the Australian fur seals occasionally seek refuge. An added attraction in the Seal Rocks coastline is the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, a 19th century colonial icon that continues to guide sailors and fishermen up to this day.


Seal Rocks’ picturesque rocky coast

Finally, the Myall Lakes National Park offer travellers opportunities to camp, trek, fish, and explore the park’s wildlife. In keeping with the town slogan “The Last Frontier,” Seal Rocks’ population of about 131 people has committed to preserve the unspoiled charm of this fishing town.

Wildlife in Myall Lakes National Park

Getting the Most Out of a Trip to the City

Sydney is a world-famous commercial centre, an Olympic host city, and an undisputed surfers’ paradise. But while it doesn’t seem to be in short supply of people and events in every nook and cranny of the metropolis, Sydney still boasts of breathtaking yet unperturbed spots that are not to be missed.

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