Parkes Elvis Festival

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Parkes Elvis Festival

Posted by in Guided tours,Tours From Sydney | November 15, 2014

Parkes, approximately 350 km west of Sydney in Central West New South Wales is the Elvis Capital of Australia. For the last 21 years Parkes has hosted the Elvis Festival which has grown to become THE event for Elvis aficionados in Australia. In the second week of January 2015, to coincide with what would have been Elvis’ 80th birthday, the Parkes Elvis Festival will see 18,000 visitors flood to the town, more than doubling the population.

Elvis the dish

Formerly best known for its “Dish”, the Parkes Radio Telescope, Parkes is now the Elvis Capital of Australia

The attractions for Elvis-philes are many. Parkes has Australia’s best museum dedicated to Elvis, The King’s Castle Elvis Exhibit, which features a world class collection of genuine memoriblia from Elvis and his performance career.  During the Elvis Festival this permanent attraction is complimented by 5 days packed with performances, displays, competitions, parades and an unending parade of Elvis impersonators.

The celebrations start at 9 am on Wednesday 7th January with the museum opening, photo and arts exhibitions, trike motorcycle tours, bingo, a trotting meeting, open night at the Dish, and all day busking on the main Street of town, Clarinda St. Many of these events continue every day until Sunday 11th. Across stages from parks to hotels and clubs and venues all over the town there are tribute performances by accomplished artists celebrating the music of Elvis and his era.

Elvis performs at stages all over town

Elvis performs at stages all over town

Highlights of the Festival include a very popular ceremony where couples can renew their marriage vows in an Elvis themed service. On Sunday morning there is an Elvis Gospel music service with breakfast. On Saturday the Festival peaks with the Elvis Street Parade that brings the town to a standstill as floats and performers spread along Clarinda St. The Festival Markets are a great opportunity to purchase memorabilia, Rock-n-Roll wear and food and beverages, before you relax and soak up the free entertainment on the main stage in Cooke Park, all day, every day!

One of the most exciting parts of the Elvis Festival is to just be part of the atmosphere of thousands of visitors and locals who completely immerse themselves in everything Elvis. If you don’t want to get dressed up yourself, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of Elvis and Priscilla wannabes in all directions all day long from the buskers on the street, to performers on the stages to the visitors from all over the world and even the local Post Office staff. Everybody wants a piece of Elvis at the Parkes Elvis Festival!

The Elvis Street Parade brings the entire town out for the spectacular

The Elvis Street Parade brings the entire town out for the spectacular

With a population normally just over 10,000 the Festival exhausts Parkes’ available accommodation  early and even fills the neighbouring towns as well. Transport choices to the festival are many, the favourite being the Elvis Express train which travels from Sydney on Thursday and returns on the Monday, with on board Elvis entertainment. But this and similar bus transport quickly book out.

So if you need transport to and accommodation for the Parkes Elvis Festival the unique chance to combine the Festival with an Aussie Bush Adventure and Farmstay may be an ideal opportunity. Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures is offering a Farmstay and Blue Mountains adventure tour combined with Parkes Elvis Festival experience. Explore Blue Mountains attractions, visit a wildlife park, stay on an historic family sheep farm to see demonstrations and entertainment, as well as enjoying all day Saturday at the Parkes Elvis Festival and enjoy the Gospel service on Sunday morning. The full itinerary can be seen here.

Experience some Aussie Bush as well as Elvis

Expreience some Aussie Bush as well as Elvis


Small Group Tours, Guided Tours from Sydney

Posted by in Ecotourism,Farmstay Blue Mountains,Guided tours,Outback Australia Tours,Small Group Tours,Things to do in Sydney,Tours From Sydney | February 13, 2014

Ever been on one of those huge tourist buses with 65 other people?

They pull up at some sight or attraction “OK, you’ve got 30 minutes, if you’re not back, we leave without you!” the guide barks.

Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventure tours are NOT like that. We cater for groups from 2 to 11 people, in comfortable vehicles with a guide who gets to know you and who caters the visits to what you want to see and how long you want to stay.

Small group tours are the popular way to travel these days. Travelers invest a lot of time, effort and money getting to places where they will be immersed in a different culture, see interesting, spectacular or beautiful sights and meet new, different and fascinating people. Therefore they want to ensure that they receive a personalised experience to make the most from what they have invested.

Sally leads a small group on a bush walk in the Blue Mountains National Park

Sally leads a small group on a bush walk in the Blue Mountains National Park

On an Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures tour passengers are more than just part of group, they are individuals who have a say in the progression of the tour. At every part of the itinerary, from visiting the wildlife parks, wineries, caves and villages to experiencing horse riding or bush walking, the scope of the activity and time spent enjoying it are entirely up to the customers. Not interested in fossils? OK, we can leave earlier and move on to something else. Need more time patting the kangaroos? No problem, we always have some time to be flexible.

It’s these kind of specialised itinerary alterations that make Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures tours so personal and so special.

Special and personalised experiences make your tour unique and memorable

Special and personalised experiences make your tour unique and memorable

On the other hand, another feature that customers value in Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures tours is that everything is planned and organised. Travelers don’t have to make bookings, organise transport, reserve accommodation or buy and prepare food. Everything is done for you on tour, just sit back and relax and let Sally do the driving for you.

The venues visited have been hand picked by Sally to provide a varied range of genuine Aussie bush experiences. She’s done all the hard work in researching, networking and negotiating to come up with the best opportunities to see the real Australia. And her inside knowledge whereby you meet her family and childhood friends, gives visitors the kind of insider experience that few international visitors could ever hope to organise for themselves.

Meet Sally's family and friends - Real Aussies

Meet Sally’s family and friends – Real Aussies

So tours combine the perfect mix of a guided tour and a personalised experience. Every day travelers with Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures are given choices in the exact experiences available and/or the time spent enjoying each one, but once they decide all they need to do is relax and enjoy!